DIY Zines

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Adapted from, edited and typeset for the format.

Print PDFDigital PDF

My sister did the front cover illustration.

Print PDFDigital PDF

My sister did the illustrations inside.

Print PDFDigital PDF

Printing instructions

Each copy gives you 4 zines. Start with 25 copies, which will take you about an hour to turn into 100 zines.

  1. Print the Print PDF double-sided on Legal paper, which is 8.5 x 14".
    You may want to do a test print. Some default printer setups make the reverse side upside down, and will need to be adjusted. "Short Edge Binding" is the setting you are looking for.
  2. Keep the pages in order. They come out ready to stack and cut.
  3. Cut into quarters.
    Your local print shop will often be able to do this for you very neatly.
  4. Fold each zine in half as a unit, not individual sheets.
  5. Staple the binding.

Distribute these to Little Free Libraries, local businesses (with permission), or directly to your neighbors.

If you know of zine-worthy content that will spur people to think and act politically, let me know so I can typeset it and make it available here.