Paperstone housing for MagicForce 68 mechanical keyboard

To make your own, Download all the files from this Dropbox. SVG or .ai, and .stl or .step. Unfortunately I lost access to the account with the Fusion 360 files for these!

You'll need to 3D print or CNC machine the housing with a fairly uniform material. You can also work with a local machinist. I used trapped hex nuts and screws to attach rubber feet but you should just use these screws with a tiny pre drilled hole in the four corners.

You'll need to 3D print a plug case and either glue or M2 screw in a tiny PCB. I can recommend Shapeways for the printing.

I recommend you laser- or hand-cut a cover to cover the metal of the keyboard. I can recommend Pokono for laser cutting. A thick vinyl tape or thin plastic and superglue is probably nicest. Try polyurethane finishing cork!

You'll need six M2 screws to use as standoffs, to keep the PCB from scraping against the inside of the housing.

Paperstone is like very dense and fine MDF. I made a prototype from high density polyurethane foam too.