Capturing events that matter.

Bubo is there to deter violence at critical moments and tell an unbiased story after the fact. Use Bubo as a preventive measure to ward off potential threats, or to document encounters with police and keep everyone accountable.

Preventive over reactive.

Bubo lights your way and lets everyone know you're under protection.


The most important part of a recording system. Bubo's camera captures a 165° fisheye angle of view, in 5k resolution so that every detail is exact. The video can later be perspective corrected and zoomed to relevant locations.


Not all information is visible. The directional microphone is sensitive, vibration-dampened, and protected from the wind with plastic and fabric meshes.


You need to know Bubo is active and recording, and Bubo can use its circular running light to communicate information.


Bubo’s infrastructure allows for a 60-second response time, so it can arrive in time to stop a situation from getting worse.


Know what Bubo is thinking, and that it understands your commands.

Protection is in reach

Access is free and easy through two methods: the Bubo app is for occasional use, while the keychain is designed for determined commuters.

Easily call Bubo and signal for help in case of an emergency.

If you press the panic button, the authorities are alerted and your phone automatically begins recording and saving the video to secure servers.

Near or far.

Bubo's keychain hangs out with you wherever you are. If you walk the same lonely route every night, carry the remote with you so you can access Bubo with one switch.

What happens to that footage after it's recorded?

Bubo isn't a spying tool, and the footage that's created on security missions doesn't belong to whoever activates the service.

We needed a tool to responsibly store, share, and access videos generated by Bubo, police body-worn cameras, or any other source of footage. Asio is that tool.

We conceived Asio as a platform to aggregate video of the most important events, from every available point of view. It's a video database which leverages artificial intelligence to sort and verify community-sourced video of important events, creating a universal, equitable source of truth.